Diagnosis by imaging techniques in breast pathology has become increasingly complex over the past few years, mainly due to the introduction of new diagnostic techniques and interventional procedures.

Imaging, however, does play an important role in breast pathology. The radiologist is now involved in more and more stages of the process and imaging has to provide an answer in an increasing number of clinical settings: screening, the assessment of symptomatic patients, study of high-risk patients, staging of patients with breast cancer, control of response in neoadjuvant systemic treatments etc.

The best results are obtained when experienced radiologists, coordinated with multidisciplinary teams use the different techniques available in a sequential and comprehensive manner.

SEDIM considered it worthwhile to develop this project: “PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR THE DIAGNOSIS OF BREAST PATHOLOGY BY IMAGING TECHNIQUES”, to provide clear and concise guidelines, based on the scientific evidence available, for the use of imaging techniques in common situations in clinical practice.

Each topic consists of a theoretical section, complemented by images and tables to convey the information visually, and also of algorithms with additional information, which provide clearly organized steps on how to act in each clinical context.

I gratefully acknowledge the hard work, dedication and generosity of the members of SEDIM with recognized experience in the different areas who have participated in the Project.

This is intended to be a living Project, which can grow as new sections are added to it, and as it incorporates modifications arising from scientific developments.

We consider that this Project will be useful for professionals starting out in their use of imaging diagnostics for breast pathology and we value the interesting suggestions and contributions of all the radiologists specialising in breast pathology today, with their considerable experience and expertise.

Marina Álvarez Benito

President of SEDIM

October, 2012